Monday, 30 January 2012

Voicing Up!

Today I started my vocal program,  a full time teacher is out of the question due to personal finances and the fact that I really want to be able to research a good teacher that understands right now what I want and I only have 3 weeks until the audition.

I have had a better idea... about 3 years ago I bought a singing course from Amazon from an American singing teacher. I don't remember why but I think I got halfway through the first CD of the pack and gave up as it sounded more like a  Dale Carniege motivational course than a singing course.

This past weekend I started researching a highly recommended rock opera teacher and all the searches, recommendations and youtube clips suggested 2 possible names:



Brett Manning and Jesse Nemitz, I started by researching Brett's course and found that it was called SINGING SUCCESS then I researched Jesse Nemitz a little further and found out he works on SINGING SUCCESS support materials. Namely one piece of material that I feel will be invaluable to me The Top Secret 7 Tips For Super High Mix.

The next step was to search my old hard drive and my CD carriers for the last singing course I bought to compare it with this one and guess what? Here it is.....

In a HD folder named SS I found the complete Singing Success course burned into my iTunes folder and a trip to the rehearsal studio storage cage and a rifle through my old CD carriers turned up this baby. Had I persevered and gotten through the first CD of Singing Success back then I might already be able to hit the Gethsemanie "G5 WHYYYYYYYY"

So last night in bed I listened through the first 2 CDs which were actually really encouraging this time through, then put aside 2 hours today to go through the first lesson which is on CD3

I learned lip rolling, trilling and warm ups and warm downs and most importantly about my breaks and started to discover where they are and how to move between my different registers. I now have a far more detailed idea of the mechanics of singing and that I actually do have what it takes, I just have to knit it all together until i have one voice made up of all the registers.

So today I learned a hell of a lot. I'm going to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the guys at singing success  and give them a chance (via their materials to get me ready for the audition). If anyone else is preparing please drop a comment and let me know how you are getting on too.

Superstar Steve Balsamo also dropped me a vital clue via Twitter that only made sense once I started to watch Jesse's tutorial on Super-high Mix (blending all your registers to get super high tones).

What did Steve say, when I asked him how to hit the highs? He said 'Pray and work on your bottom end'


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